Your 'Teddy Bear' Passport to Freedom!

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You will receive a high quality full size passport styled on a UK Passport, individually numbered, with issue and expiry dates. Inside you will find VISA, Overseas Excursions, Travel Essentials, Personal details pages and of course a photograph page. Once you receive it all you have to do is simply add your own favourite photograph of Teddy or Teddy and child together, the choice is yours.

It doesn't end there! You will also receive a LETTER of AUTHENTICATION certificate from the Teddy Bear Passport Office, signed by the Teddy Immigration Officer and numbered to match your unique passport number and a space for you to put the proud holders name. Remember to keep it safe or even better - frame it and give it pride of place next to Teddy! A brilliant addition for collectors.

And last but not least, issued with your Teddy Bear Passport and Letter of Authentication certificate you will be supplied with a SHEET of FLAGS of different countries. Your passport contains four 'overseas Excursion' pages, so as your teddy travels abroad, details of the holiday can be added along with a sticker of the country visited - an interactive and educational way for children to remember their holiday.
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Teddy Bear Passports - To Infinity and beyond
Buzz Lightyear
Your Teddy Bear Passport also contains four pages dedicated to VISA stamps and our experience tells us that Immigration Officers will stamp the passport enhancing your childs' and teddys' holiday experience.

Your Teddy Bear Passport isn't just for teddy bears, it can be used for dollys and cuddly toys, in fact any toy, if it's precious to your child or you then simply stick their photo into the passport and the world's your oyster!
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All this, for only £5.99 with £1.50 postage and packing.